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Our History


Belvedere Park began as a quiet neighborhood in the early 1950s and quickly became a thriving suburb with schools, parks and a shopping center. The main shopping center, Belvedere Plaza, was anchored by Rich's Department Store and included shops like Kinney's Shoes and Three Sisters Clothing. The Belvedere Motor Motel was known for a TV in every room, and the Belvedere Theatre hosted family-friendly movies every weekend!


Historical Sources

While many of the esteemed stores of the 1950s have retired, the Belvedere community is still vibrant and active. Our neighborhood is home to multiple shops, restaurants and parks (including Shoal Creek). We recognize the rich history of this area and want to create the next chapter of Belvedere Park with historical integrity and  togetherness.




President, Maria Rossoto

Maria Rossoto moved to Belvedere Park in 2007. She has been active in the neighborhood since 2011, volunteering and serving on the board of the Healthy Belvedere Initiative, producing numerous events and programs, serving as Belvedere Park Executive Director of Partners in Action for Healthy Living, Inc., and leading various volunteer efforts to benefit seniors in our community. She looks forward to helping new leadership blossom and watching the neighborhood continue to thrive!

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Treasurer and Historian, Wayne Powell

Wayne is a longtime resident of Belvedere Park and is known as the infamous neighborhood historian! His passion for the neighborhood is unwavering. Wayne has advocated for the residents of Belvedere Park for over 20 years, and has worked tirelessly to accomplish many neighborhood and community initiatives. Have a question about the neighborhood? Just ask Wayne.


Marketing & Web, Shelby Kurland

Shelby is a new resident of Belvedere Park but has profound respect for its people, history and community. She is a digital marketing manager by trade and just wants to help create neighborhood connectivity!