BPNA Membership

Make it official and join the Belvedere Park Neighborhood Association!  All membership fees directly support neighborhood projects and events throughout the year. Future projects and events include: neighborhood murals, edible plantings, and family park events – all safe and physically distanced. Thanks so much for your contribution.

Who can join?

Anyone who lives in Belvedere Park – defined as being bound by Memorial Drive from Line Street to Columbia Drive/Columbia Drive to Glenwood Avenue/Glenwood Ave to Santa Cruz Drive to San Jose Drive to Capistrana Place to San Gabriel Avenue/San Gabriel Avenue to Santa Monica Drive/Santa Monica Drive to Carter Road to Fairlee Drive (including Melanie Court) to Line Street/Line Street to Memorial.

Map of Belvedere Park Neighborhood.PNG

How much is the fee?

$20 per year or $5 per quarter. 

I'd like to help out more!

We intend to keep annual dues affordable, but gladly accept any additional donations neighbors might like to make.


The owl is an unofficial symbol of Belvedere Park. They are heard and seen in all parts of the neighborhood. That’s why the BPNA logo features an owl.  Now we have custom owl plaques, designed and crafted by Diem, a Belvedere Park resident.

Show your love for the neighborhood by displaying a plaque on your home.  You can hang it as-is or add your house numbers. Each household is responsible for adding their own numbers to the plaque.

Owl plaques are $60 each. Get one for your home and gift one to a fixed or low-income neighbor and receive $20 off the total. All proceeds go directly to support projects and events that benefit our neighborhood.

Order your Owl Plaque today! Your plaque will be lovingly prepared and delivered to your home approximately 2 weeks after your order is received. Thank you for supporting our neighborhood.

*To make an offline payment or cancel a payment please contact BPNeighborhoodinfo@gmail.com*